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  • Plasmonics: quantum effects in graphene
  • Iridescence: optics behind birds of paradise
  • Silicon quantum dots: surface states boost photoluminescence
  • Graphene: white light emission
  • Rare earths: energy back transfer
  • Nanophotonics: enhanced photodetectors
  • Optofluidics: cell detection
  • Diamond photonics: charge state manipulation
  • White OLEDs: efficiency boost
  • Metamaterials: programmable manipulation of radiation
  • Photovoltaics: smart signage
  • Phase modulators: liquid crystal on silicon
  • Plasmonic metamaterials: Phase-based biosensing
  • Microscopy: rapid image correlation
  • Plasmonics: Sensitive optical sensors
  • Nanosensors: functionalized nanorods
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