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Light Conference 2018 International Academic Conference

Submissions to ‘Rising Star of Light’

'Rising Stars of Light' Awards
Submission Statement

To encourage young scholars to publish their innovative work, we'd like to set up an award, 'Rising Stars of Light'.  The academic achievements of all the award recipients must be original and unpublished in optics: one first-prize (a prize of ¥ 20000), two second-prizes (a prize of ¥ 10000) and three third-prizes (a prize of ¥ 5000) will be selected on site. Please see official website for more specific selection rules and procedures.

Submission deadline:May 15, 2018

  • Organic single-crystal semiconductors have attracted much attention for the potential applications in electronic and optoelectronic devices, due to their high thermal stability, highly ordered structure and high carrier mobility. Molecular doping has been proposed as a valuable strategy for improving the performance of organic semiconductors and semiconductor-based devices. However, a fundamental understanding of the inherent doping mechanism is still a key challenge impeding its practical application. In the present study, we provide solid evidence for the “perfect” substitutional doping mechanism in doped organic single-crystal semiconductors using polarized photoluminescence spectra measurement and first-principles calculations. The molecular doping is further exploited for efficient color-tunable and even white organic single-crystal-based light-emitting devices by controlling the doping concentration. The clarification of the molecular doping mechanism in organic single-crystal semiconductors paves the way for their practical application in high-performance electronic and optoelectronic devices.